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Hello. Thank you for coming to our little corner of the world. You’re probably here because you’re interested in Wedding Photography Northern Ireland. Well, you’re in the right place. I could tell you that I love coffee & walking my dog (though I am quite fond of Netflix and a bag of Tayto too). But that’s not going to help you get the most amazing wedding photographs. Instead, I’m going to let our photographs do that. I hope you enjoy our eclectic mix of documentary, romantic and cinematic styles.
Shot of a bride fixing her shoe in the Darver Castle bridal suite Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland - Ciaran & Simon

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Family is important – we treat all our customers like an extension of our family. We put their needs at the forefront of our customer service – always striving to help, create and give the best experience of professional photography.

Renowned Wedding Photographer - Ciaran O'Neill


I’m Ciaran. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, I started as a press photographer but soon found my way into fashion (twice winning UK Fashion Photographer of the Year). Initially I had little interest in weddings. Then I discovered a way to incorporate my documentary experience and the style, romance and fun of fashion photography into one stunning medium. This was where our wedding style was born.
We don’t just do documentary photos.
It’s not enough to just do family photos.
We don’t just do cinematic style photos.
With us you get it all!!
A wedding is a mix of a hundred little moments and a thousand fleeting emotions. Wedding photography should capture them all.
Our eclectic style has won us many, many customers and more awards in Wedding photography in Northern Ireland, than anyone else…ever!

Wedding Photographer based in Northern Ireland - Simon O'Neill


I’m Simon and yes, I still have the same haircut as when I was two years old. I’ve been a photographer for all of my working life after I graduated in computers from Queen’s in Belfast. Since then I have dedicated my time to our customers and their needs. Ciaran and I have a similar approach to our work (along with sense of humour, hairstyle and outlook!).
While we need a in-depth knowledge of techniques and styles, there is something we know is even more important. It’s the ability to communicate with our clients that sets us apart. The only way we can deliver the outstanding images and service our customers deserve is through communication. That’s why, even though I’ve won the most prestigious award for a wedding photographer in Northern Ireland, the PPANI Photographer of the Year, that wasn’t my proudest professional moment. The most cherished moments of my career so far were firstly, winning GMINI Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer of the Year. Secondly, when we won Wedding Journal Irish Wedding Photographer of the Year. Why were these so important? Because they were voted for by our customers. The work we did for them meant so much that they voted for us and we won against all the other wedding amazing photographers in Northern Ireland.

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Aoife & Conor walking through arch at Carlingford Ruins - Wedding Photography Northern Ireland

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow ~ Imogen Cunningham