Kelli and Ciaran's Perfect Day...

Hello, wedding world! It’s your friendly neighbourhood wedding photographer here, back with another story that will warm your hearts and tickle your funny bones. This time, I’m taking you behind the scenes of Kelli and Ciaran’s magical wedding day. Trust me, it was a day to remember!

Setting the Scene

Let’s start with a bit about our lovely couple. Kelli, a stay-at-home mum, and Ciaran, an aeronautical engineer, both hail from Belfast. They met 20 years ago in June 2004 (yes, that’s right, two decades ago!) thanks to a little matchmaking help from their siblings. Four kids later, they decided it was time to officially tie the knot.

The Proposal?

Picture this: the serene ambiance of the Galgorm Spa, the first trip for our unsuspecting bride-to-be. Ciaran, ever the romantic, waited for the perfect moment to drop to one knee and pop the question. Kelli was floored, and not just because the spa robes are notoriously slippery. It was a surprise, a shock, and a perfect proposal rolled into one.

"I tried on about 10 dresses but came back to the one I chose everytime. It was my perfect dress."

— Kelli, Bride

Dress Drama (Not Really)

Kelli’s quest for the perfect dress took her to Divinity Bridal, accompanied by her mum, her best friend Colleen, and her daughter Lucy. Ten dresses in, she found the one. I can only imagine the scenes in that dressing room—tears, laughter, and the occasional fashion show twirl.

Pre-Wedding Shenanigans

Planning a wedding is a bit like engineering a rocket—right, Ciaran? While the prep can be thrilling, it’s also nerve-wracking. Table plans, in particular, seemed to be Kelli’s arch-nemesis. But hey, they nailed it, and everything came together beautifully.

The Big Day

June 21, 2024. The weather? Perfect. The vibe? Electric. The ceremony was held at St. Agnes Chapel in Belfast, a stunning setting that complemented the couple’s love story. And let me tell you, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Picture Perfect

As their photographer, I had the honor of capturing every magical moment. My personal favorite? The intimate shots of Kelli and Ciaran in the chapel right after the ceremony. There’s something special about that quiet moment when two people realize they’ve just embarked on a new journey together.

"The most stressful part?: Table plans!!"

— Kelli & Ciaran

Behind the Lens

Kelli and Ciaran made my job easy. They were naturals in front of the camera—no awkward poses or forced smiles here. They even managed to keep their cool when their youngest decided to photobomb a few shots (future model in the making, perhaps?).

Honeymoon Bliss

After the whirlwind of wedding festivities, the couple escaped to the Galgorm Spa and Resort for their honeymoon. A fitting choice, considering it’s where their engagement story began.

Words of Wisdom

Kelli and Ciaran have a nugget of advice for all you lovebirds out there: “Take in every single second. The day goes by so fast!” Wise words from a couple who knows a thing or two about savoring life’s precious moments.

Signing Off

To Kelli and Ciaran, thank you for letting me be part of your incredible journey. Your wedding day was a testament to love, family, and the beauty of a well-executed table plan. Here’s to many more decades of happiness, laughter, and the occasional dance misstep.

Until next time, stay romantic!

"Take in every single second. The day goes by so fast!"

- Kelli & Ciaran