Sparks fly...

Hey there, wedding enthusiasts and hopeless romantics! Welcome to another tale of love, laughter, and a sprinkle of serendipity. Today, we’re diving into the heartwarming union of Caron Brannigan, the charming teacher from Tyrone, and her electrifying counterpart, Aidan Carberry, the sparky electrician from the same neck of the woods. Let’s embark on this delightful journey down the aisle, shall we?

Sparks Fly in Tyrone

Picture this: a quaint little community nestled in the heart of Tyrone, where everyone knows everyone. Caron and Aidan’s paths crossed countless times, but it took Aidan’s sister to play cupid and nudge them in the right direction. Ah, the sweet serendipity of fate!

The Proposal: A Birthday Bash Turned Love Story

February 2022 was not just any ordinary birthday weekend for Caron. Oh no, it was the weekend that changed everything. Both were set for the cozy ambiance of Viscounts restaurant, but before they left the house, Aidan had a little surprise up his sleeve, or rather, in a little box. As Caron rushed to get ready (as she always did), little did she know she was about to unwrap the best birthday present ever – a ring, not an apple watch! Talk about a plot twist worthy of a rom-com!

"It was the most magical day!!"

— Caron & Aidan

The Wedding Planning...

The Dress Dilemma: A Journey to The White Gallery

With her heart set on finding the perfect gown, Caron embarked on a quest to The White Gallery in Newry. With her sister as her trusty guide, she tried on styles she never imagined, and lo and behold, found her dream dress. Lesson learned? Trust your sister and trust Rachel – they know best!

The Big Day: April Fools’ Day Fun

Fast forward to April 1st, 2024, the stage was set for the grand event. St. John’s Galbally witnessed the sacred vows, while the Four Seasons Carlingford played host to the festivities. Despite the threat of a flooded Carlingford, nothing could dampen the spirits of our dynamic duo. It was a day filled with magic, laughter, and a whole lot of love.

Capturing the Magic: A Shoutout to Ciaran, the Photography Whisperer

Enter Ciaran, the photography maestro who captured every heartfelt moment without breaking a sweat. Despite their initial reservations about being in front of the lens, Caron and Aidan were put at ease by Ciaran’s gentle approach. From candid shots to stunning portraits, every click of the shutter immortalised their love story in pixels. Caron had this to say “Ciaran was a gentleman from the very beginning and an absolute dream to work with. Even when he was snapping away you never knew he was there. He blended in so well. We can’t thank him enough!”

Favorite Moments: Veils, Vows, and Brian Adams

For Caron, it was the poignant snapshot of her and her father walking down the aisle, with Aidan’s adoring gaze stealing the spotlight. And Aidan? Well, let’s just say he couldn’t take his eyes off his blushing bride, especially when Brian Adams’ “You Belong to Me” filled the air with romance. Caron absolutely loved the photos in the chapel and out at the garden in the evening. As her veil was a statement veil, the photos Ciaran captured just show the detail and elegance of it.

"I suppose Aidan looked alright too in his tux lol"

— Caron

The Wedding Day...

Words of Wisdom and Witty Advice

To all the lovebirds out there planning their own happily ever afters, Caron and Aidan have some sage advice: cherish every moment, delegate to your sister if possible (lol), and most importantly, enjoy the journey as much as the destination. And if all else fails, blame it on the sister 😂!

Honeymoon Adventures: From Powerscourt to Summer Escapades

As for their honeymoon? Powerscourt was just the beginning of their escapades. With plans for a summer getaway on the horizon, Caron and Aidan are ready to embark on their next chapter of adventure and amour.

And there you have it, folks – a whirlwind romance filled with laughter, love, and a touch of Tyrone charm. Until next time, keep spreading those good vibes and may your love stories be as epic as Caron and Aidan’s! Cheers to the happy couple! 🥂💕

"Even when he was snapping away you never knew he was there. He blended in so well. We can’t thank Ciaran enough!"

- Caron & Aidan