The Three Most Important Things When Booking Your Photographer… Price, Price & Price

There are many decisions you have to make when planning your wedding. Choosing the right photographer is one of the big ones. We think the easiest way to choose who is right for you is to consider three things, price, price and price. Let me explain.

What price do you put on stunning photos of your wedding?

Some people don’t really care about their wedding photos. That’s ok. Maybe its not their first wedding, maybe they think it won’t be their last LOL. But some of us really, really do care about our photos. Most brides (and maybe grooms) have an image of how they will look, how their reception room will look and how the whole day will unfold. Imagine, after all that effort, after having the best day of your life, after the anticipation of seeing your photos, imagine being disappointed! What if the photographer didn’t capture the emotions, the fun, the excitement, the romance? What if the photographer just didn’t capture YOU? What would you do? What could you do? There’s no second chances. You can’t redo it. What would you give to go back and change things? Only you can say. Only you can decide what price you put on these photos, these memouries that you will share with your children and grandchildren. What price do you put on stunning photographs of your wedding?

What price do you put on peace of mind?

Planning your wedding can be very stressful. One way to reduce the stress is to book people you know you can trust, then leave them to do their thing so you can move on to the next task. Most good photographers will have premises you can visit to see their work. It may be on the high street and even an industrial area. If not, they should at least have a dedicated area in their home for you to call at. Most wedding photographers start their career on a part-time basis. This is a great way to gather equipment and portfolios, get insurance and most importantly gain experience in the many, many situations that occur on a wedding day. This of course should be reflected in their price. You shouldn’t be expected to pay a professional level price for someone learning their trade. Similarly, if a part-time photographer claims to have many years experience you have ask yourself why they haven’t gone full-time. If their work or home life conditions change will your wedding still be their top priority? You need to know they will be there and produce the photographs you asked for. What price would you pay for peace of mind?.

Bride laying on a wall at Castle Archdale Ruins - Tips for choosing your wedding photographer

And finally...the price!

Bride looking out car window as her Dad watches on - right before she is going to walk up the aisle

There’s a saying, “You can have good, you can fast or you can have cheap. You can sometimes get two of these but you can never get all three!”

So, are we good? Well, we’ve won more awards at Ciaran O’Neill Photography than anyone else in Northern Ireland…ever. It’s not unusual that customers shed a tear when they see their fabulous wedding photos for the first time. Are we good? Damn right we are!!

Are we fast? We usually have a “Sneak Peek” within 3-4 days and the full wedding ready to view within 7-10 days (yes that said “days” not weeks). Once you have selected your images we can have your stunning handmade Italian album in your hands within 5-6 weeks. Is that fast? It’s probably the fastest in Northern Ireland.

We are cheap? HELL NO!! We shoot 80-100 weddings every year. Our most popular dates book up 18-24 months in advance. We use the best equipment and only provide the ultimate in quality products to our customers. We work from a three story building, all of which is dedicated to our photography business and giving our customers the level of service they expect. Are we for everyone? Definitely not. We know some people would prefer to pay a few hundred pounds and take their chances. I guess that’s the price they are prepared to pay.

I hope this this was of help to you in choosing your wedding photographer. If you would like any more details on our services please click the link below.

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