Cabra Castle Weddings

Well known as one of Ireland’s best castle wedding venues, Cabra Castle Hotel boasts a proud history dating as far back as 1760.
Its long history lends a mature, cultured air to the castle which can be felt as you stroll along the castle’s magnificent hallways and stairwells.
Photo opportunities are plentiful. From the magnificent fountain at the front door, through Mitzi’s Garden and on to the elegant entrance staircase, you will be surrounded by beautiful backdrops.
Once inside you are greeted with the grand staircase leading to a host of beautiful rooms on the first floor. These rooms are ideal for quiet bridal portraits and even larger family and friend group shots. It seems that every corner hides another opportunity.
The friendly staff are alway on hand to help and your food will be second to non.
As wedding photographers covering all of Ireland we consider Cabra Castle Hotel to be one of our closer venues at only 80 minutes drive away.
Come join us for our lowdown on Cabra Castle Weddings…
Bride & Groom standing embracing in front of the Cabra Castle main entrance
The front of the Castle is truly iconic

The Hotel & Grounds

Where to start with such a beautiful castle? Arriving at the main entrance – you are just blown away by the surroundings. The grounds are immaculate and staff are incredibly attentive towards our couples. Sometimes, it works out that we need to get the ‘Castle’ shot straight out of the car, in this case the Piper holds off until the couple are ready. Inside, the drinks reception provides for a fantastic atmosphere. Whilst the guests are enjoying the drinks and canapés – we normally take our bridal party away for 10-15 minutes to use Mitsy’s Garden, or if the weather is struggling to control its temper – we use the main castle staircase and Gold room.

Bridal party in Mitzi's garden
Bridal party in Mitzi's garden
Bridal party in gold room
Bridal party on stairs in the main Castle
Bridal party on stairs in the main Castle

When using the gardens we try and move as quickly as possible. This is to minimise the time you’re away from your guests! Whilst Cabra Castle feels huge – to travel between locations is actually quite quick and accessible for brides (and grooms) in heels!

Bride and groom in courtyard garden at Cabra Castle hotel
Bride and groom in courtyard garden
Oscar the Irish wolf hound from Cabra Castle
Humans Beware! Oscar can easily steal the limelight from our newlyweds lol!
Piper leading bride and groom Cabra Castle
Piper leading bride and groom up the stairway to Cabra Castle

"Cabra are constantly updating their style - the new alcove for cutting the cake illuminates our couples"

— Ciaran O'Neill Photography

The Gold Room

The great JRR Tolkien once wrote: “All that is gold does not glitter.” This time, however, is not the case. One of the finest decorated rooms I’ve ever witnessed (it still beguiles me every time I go to Cabra) is the Gold Room at Cabra Castle.

Over the years, it has always been a sanctuary for our couples – either a bit of respite from the onslaught of well-wishers, or providing a stunning backdrop to family photos. Cabra recently upped their game and use it as a landing place for the bridal party to enjoy a bit of downtime with nibbles and drinks.

Bride sitting in window with reflection in glass table Cabra Castle Ciaran O'Neill Photography
Ok, ok. Technically its not the Gold Room - but the room faces the Gold Room and is stunning in its own right :-)

The Bridal Suite

The two bridal suites Cabra offer are equally stunning – however we tend to use the castle room as it lends itself more to photos. From the four posted bed to the Victorian style bathtub – photos and opportunities abound!

Bride with flowergirl in window Cabra Castle Wedding Ciaran O'Neill Photography
The staircase just beside the bridal suite makes for a beautiful walking photo

"All that glitters IS Gold!"

— Ciaran O'Neill Photography

The Staircase

Is there a more dramatic staircase in Ireland? Perhaps…but this one has to be one of our favourites. So many opportunities present themselves from so many different angles.

Bride lit from behind on stairs in Cabra Castle
Naturally lit from the window light behind the bride
Off camera flash provides the light in this image - which was taken at night in Winter time
Bride and daughter going to bed Cabra Castle Ciaran O'Neill Photography Northern Ireland Wedding Photographers
Bride & her daughter walk up the steps hand in hand

Civil Ceremonies & Evening Time

We’ve been lucky to capture civil ceremonies inside and outside of the castle. These are very intimate ceremonies and allow us as photographers to blend in with the guests and surroundings as we capture those special moments.

Bride and groom kiss during an intimate ceremony at Cabra Castle
A couple 'tie the knot' during a hand fasting ceremony outside of the Castle
Irish wolf hound walks through ceremony at Cabra Castle
We are not kidding about Oscar stealing the show!

The Gate house at the entrance of the Castle is an amazing space for hosting your bridal prep.

Bridal party laughing and drinking champagne on the morning of the wedding

Night Time

Bride and groom at Christmas tree Cabra Castle
Bride and groom in front of Cabra night-time
Bride and groom kissing in front of fireworks Cabra Castle Wedding Photographer Northern Ireland Ciaran O'Neill Photography
First dance Cabra Castle
Bride and groom leaving hotel under sparklers held my guests Cabra Castle
Bride and groom in gazebo at night Cabra Castle Ireland
Bride and groom in front of gazebo Cabra Castle hotel at night