Our Wedding Journey...

Eileen McConnell, an accountant technician and Darryl Lipscombe, a contracts manager, both from Virgina, Co. Cavan got married in St. Matthews church, Maghera, Co.Cavan. They had the reception in the stunning Darver Castle.

How did you first meet and get together?

Funny story actually, we are next door neighbours my home house is to the right at the cross roads and Darryl’s home house is to the left. My brother and sister would know Darryl’s younger brother Keith but we didn’t know Keith had older brothers. We met on tinder January 2019 and had our first date 27th January after two weeks of texting.

Head and shoulders photo of bride with beautiful red lipstick

Tell us about the proposal – where, when, how?

We had planed to go to Vietnam in the summer of 2020 but unfortunately with covid we had to postponed this trip. We had booked to go Gran Carinaria in July 2020 but a few days before our trip the government announced that Spain wasn’t on the green list. Darryl noticed that Italy was so he suggested we go to Venice. I was a bit unsure but as he told me it’s on the green list so its safe to go. It was the third day on our trip the Venice and Darryl had booked us a tour to go a gondola. I should have noticed that something was going on as he was acting funny and he was nervous, half way through the boat trip he got up and down on one knee and proposed to me. I was in complete and utter shock!

Bride and bridesmaids getting ready and celebrating with champagne

" Ciaran was so patient and we never felt rushed, he was also super quick with taking photos that we had time to go around and talk to people "

— Eileen & Darryl

The Wedding Planning...

Where and how did you choose your dress?

I found my dress in My Fairlady in Monaghan. I was just having a scroll through Instagram and I noticed there page.

Groom tying his bow tie in the mirror
Bridesmaid helping the bride get ready beside a large window

How did you find the experience?

I liked the style of dresses they had to offer so I book in for appointment just to see how things looked. I thought the dress process was going to be horrible but it was completely the opposite. When I went in December 2020 to my appointment Cera was lovely she sat down with me first of all and just spoke about what I think I would like and what I think would suit my figure. She listen to me, I told her I didn’t want a ballgown dress as it would kick out too much on me. She asked me to try one on first just so she could see and she knew exactly what I was saying. As I was trying on dresses she knew what styles would suit figure so was so patient and honest and what I loved the most she wasn’t pushy. They dress I actually said yes to that day I had a screen shot of it on my phone.

Father walks his daughter down the aisle of a large church
The groom kisses the bride at the top of the aisle

What was the best part of planning your big day?

I love that fact that every decision that was made me and Darryl sat down together and planned it. It was difficult planning a wedding during covid as we couldn’t visit venues and go see the bands live. We were really looking forward to having nights out and getting a feel of the bands but it ended up being hours on YouTube searching for live performance’s so we could get a feel of the band. We never got to see our band until the wedding day and to be honest all the hours scrolling definitely played off The Vinyl’s were amazing, exactly what we wanted.

And the most stressful part?

The table plan!!! You think you have it sorted and then one person drops out and you have to rethink some people and having no kids at the reception apart from immediate family.

The bride alone in the church with light shinning through her dress

" We like the fact the photos are natural "

— Eileen & Darryl

The Wedding Day...

Bride and groom in dark romantic church
Bride standing in front of old stone wall facing away from the camera with light shining through the dress

How did the day go?

Absolutely amazing, everything was just perfect. The whole day went far too quick. We can’t wait to see the photos and the video to relive it all again. The day just disappeared.

Bride and groom standing on a country style bridge with water in the foreground

Why did you book us as your photographers?

We loved your Instagram page, how all couples looked natural, how the background and setting were used in photos that really stand out. We loved the off the cuff photos of people so really looking forward to seeing all the photos.

bride and groom standing in a wooden church style archway in a garden

Our Favourites...

Were there any particular photos you loved (or hated!) getting taken?

I loved seeing to ones of Darryl getting ready. I wasn’t too sure on the one Ciaran took of me as I got a bit overwhelmed and started crying when I see the finish look, but looking at it now is fab, very raw. We love the couple ones and the different lighting, We like the fact the photos are natural and that we are not made to overly pose or keep smiling at Ciaran. Everything felt natural.

Bride and groom with bridal party in Darver Castle Ireland
The groom looking at his new wife while making his speech

Do you think we, as your photographers, helped you enjoy your day?

Omg 100 percent, Ciaran was amazing from start to finish. He was so patient and we never felt rushed, he was also super quick with taking photos that we had time to go around and talk to people without being pulled aside for a long peirod of time. For the photos at the Darver I never had to look for my bouquet, he had them in his hand ready to go. He was just on the ball.

nighttime photo of bride and groom lit with fairy lights on an archway

Were there any near disasters/funny incidents?

One of the bridesmaids dropped a sparkler on my dress, she grabbed it quick enough! I wish I knew to get my bridesmaids to tie up my dress for the first dance, it was hard to dance in it as it was getting caught around my ankles and Darryl was standing on it. Both of us were muttering to each other on the dance floor.

silhouette of bride and groom in front of a floral arch lit with fairy light outside an irish castle

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy every second of your planning, make sure you keep in mind that it is about you two as a couple celebrating your love and not about anybody else.

bride and groom dancing
Bride and groom under an arch after dark lit from behind

" Absolutely amazing, everything was just perfect.> "

- Eileen & Darryl