Our Wedding Journey...

Having had their first date in Cookstown, Mariane, a dental nurse from Brazil & Benny, a welder from Newry decided after 4 years it was time to tie the knot. In case you recognise them – it was their proposal that caught the headlines as Benny thought it would be a good idea to use the Illuminate Festival in Derry as the venue. He got in contact with the city council and arranged for ‘Mariane, will you marry me? Love Benny’ to be projected 3 stories high onto the front of the Guild hall in Derry, while they waited in Guild hall square. Thankfully, for Benny’s sake she said yes and now the rest is history ❤️❤️❤️ Read on to find out more about their super wedding day in Four Seasons Carlingford…

Lets answer the question that most girls who are reading this blog want to know…where did Mariane get her dress?? Well, she chose it in the amazing Elody Bridal in Newry. Mariane found the experience very exciting and it was amazing to have my family and close friends with her as she chose the perfect dress.

"I loved having my family and friends with me when I chose the wedding dress"

— Mariane

The Wedding Planning...

Next on the list was the wedding venue. The couple really enjoyed visiting the different venues but when they first arrived at the Four Seasons Carlingford…their hearts were set on it and the location. Whilst all that is said, in Mariane’s own words: “It was nice when all of the planning was finished so we could focus on the actual wedding day” and they especially struggled with the table plan (as a lot of couples do!).

"Even the weather was good!"

— Mariane (originally from Brazil)

The Wedding Day...

You only have to look at the stunning photos to see how glorious a day it was. It was like Brazil sent us over the weather as a present for Mariane! In the couples own words, the day went brilliantly – everything was simply perfect!

The photos flowed very quickly, the couple loved the speed of the photos and the craic we had taking them. These remarks mean so much to us as photographers!! Whenever we play our part in a wedding day we always prioritise the couples needs – get amazing photos in the shortest amount of time!

Having found us on Instagram and loving our style, it was an easy match up and the couple were so easy to work with, both before the big day and on it. The venue and weather certainly added to the beauty of the wedding – the couple in particular loved the photos taken around Carlingford.

Mariane’s advice for newlyweds for is to plan early and have as many plans in place as early as possible. Save yourself the stress of trying to get things booked in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding. Its great advice, take the pressure off early and get the wedding vendors you’ve always wanted 🙂

"Ciaran was very funny and made us laugh a lot, especially the slagging between him and the videographer!"

- Mariane & Benny