Killeavy Castle Weddings

As the centrepiece of a 350 acre estate and woodland in County Armagh’s stunning Slieve Gullion, Killeavy Castle is one of Ireland’s “newest” castle wedding venues. The recently renovated castle provides intimate surroundings while the newly built hotel area gives a thoroughly modern feel. It is truly the best of both worlds.
The wonderful staff are always on hand. Of all the magical areas in the grounds, one of my personal favourites is the tunnel from the old area to the new. It is always bathed in beautiful flattering light from the garden. Its always a winning shot for our brides too.
Lying only a few miles off the Belfast – Dublin main road, Killeavy Castle are within easy rest of most of Northern and Southern Ireland.
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Couple outside Killeavy Castle

The Hotel & Grounds

Killeavy’s grounds are extremely well kept and get better every time we have the privilege of shooting there. The different seasons offer different photo opportunities – Autumn in particular provides a wealth of orange and red tones with the forest area just behind the car park. Our advice, go walking in the forest for some beautiful images…

Couple enjoying a laugh as they stroll through the forest
Couple enjoy a stroll along the lane at Killeavy Castle
The tones brought out in Autumn are stunning

We mentioned the Archway and tunnel earlier – it was originally used to transport food and drink into the main Castle. No matter the weather it is accessible – so if it is raining outside you can get into the tunnel and capture some stunning photos without getting soaked!

This is one of the entrances to the tunnel
Light flows in from three entry points - creating atmospheric and moody visuals.
Couple embrace in a tunnel under Killeavy Castle
Autumn tones surround our a beautiful bride as she stands outside a tunnel
Grooms standing in an archway during a Killeavy Castle wedding
Bride stands in the archway at Killeavy Castle

"Slieve Gullion forest is a small walk away - it provides a stunning backdrop for wedding photos"

— Ciaran O'Neill Photography

Gardens & Outdoor Opportunities

The Walled Gardens are getting better and better each time we visit. The pebbled walkways are clean and absorb water quickly, meaning if you get a break in the rain. you can use them shortly after without getting your dress dirty or soaked.

Bridal party in the Walled Gardens

"Weddings in Killeavy are a mix of moments - romantic, peaceful, majestic - it is truly a place of your own"

— Ciaran O'Neill Photography

Photo Opportunities Further Afield

Main Hotel & Marquee

Civil ceremonies in the marquee are private and personal – allowing you and your guests the opportunity to enjoy a full day at the Castle without the intermediate travelling. The main hotel is modern and spacious.

The Castle & Bridal Suite

Night time