Our Wedding Journey...

Lynne Anderson, a further education tutor from Belfast and Stephen Bennett, a courier also from Belfast had their beautiful wedding in St. Teresa’s Church in Belfast and on to the Killyheviln in Enniskillen. We chatted to them afterwards.

How did you first meet and get together?

Believe it or not we met while I was working security on the door of the Fly Bar one Saturday night. I worked on the door with Stephens Friend Caoimhghin. Stephen came that night and was joking with how a woman couldnt do the door or put a man out. So I showed him my moves and once headlocked and floored that was him hooked.

Black and white photo of diamond engagement ring positioned on top of wooden figure

Tell us about the proposal – where, when, how?

Stephen proposes on the 15th March in Central park in New york. It was the day before st Patricks day but that year it fell on a Sunday. Americans dont celebrate st particks day on a Sunday so it was happening on that Saturday. We took a walk around the park waiting on the parades. We got to a lovely bridge in Cenrral park we sat to the right of the bridge on a paddock on the lake. Funny thing is when stephen proposed I didnt believe him we were all dressed up for st Patricks day, including scarfs ect as it was cold. He was on one knee I nearly fell over him. Honestly cannot remember what he said but my 1st reply to him was “get up, stop making a dick out of me” I didnt believe him. He raised his hands with the Murray and co box and I couldnt believe it.

romantic note from groom to his bride-to-be on their wedding day morning

"Simon was a god send on our wedding day"

— Lynne & Stephen

The Wedding Planning...

Where and how did you choose your dress?

We went to Perfect Day in Lurgan, we had an amazing experience with all the girls. I had an idea of a few dresses I liked and the where able to get that style or show me something similar.

Groomsman holding the flowergirl before the start of the wedding
Bridesmaid helping the bride get a drink while getting ready on the morning of the wedding
Bride and dad in an emotional embrace on the morning of her wedding

How did you find the experience?

I believe we took a relaxed approach to our wedding in all areas. To be Honest when we picked my dress we got the train down and had a few drinks. We got there early so ended up in the bar for a few more. The whole experience of picking the dresses was who could cry the most. It was a lovely emotional day to spend with my mum and bridesmaids. One I will never forget.

Proud father walking his beautiful daughter down the aisle to get married
Bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day

What was the best part of planning your big day?

The Hotel, I have to say the hotel was amazing in everyway from the 1st visit. It was the 1st hotel we looked at. Arrived without an appointment and they still made time for us. OUR wedding planner Pascal was out of this world. He just knew how to support us throughout.

And the most stressful part?

Bridesmaid dresses!!

Bride looking at groom and smiling during the wedding service in church

" Things will go to plan and others wont, but at the end of the day no one will know the difference. "

Lynne & Stephen

The Wedding Day...

Baby in flowergirl dress at her mum and dad's wedding
Beautiful bride pictured from the back showing intricate beadwork as she looks over her shoulder

How did the day go?

Amazing, I couldn’t fault any part of it. From that morning the hair, make up, florist, videographer and photographer. It looked crazy and stressed but ran so smoothly. Hotel everyone seemed happy, well feed and entertained.

Bride and groom embracing in front of a sunlit lake at the Killyhevlin Hotel
Black and white photo of bride and groom looking off to one side in front of wooden fence and trees

Our Favourites...

Groom embracing bride from behind in the aisle of the church with decorative trees behind
Romantic sepia coloured photo of bride and groom standing on a pier at sunset in Lough Erne

Why did you book us as your photographers?

We met at the wedding fair in Titanic and fell in love with you as people. Stephen and myself booked a lot of venders on how they made us feel. We like the calm relaxed approach with yourselves, the family feeling. After booked we did an engagement shoot, this was a fun and enjoyable experience.

Were there any near disasters/funny incidents?

Yes my bridesmaid dresses were hand made and one of them the lining was a bit tight and was cut on the morning of by the hairdresser. Simon got this photo and os now in my album as a memory

Black and white photo of bride looking through a an opening in her veil
Bride and groom standing in a gazebo at the Killyhevlin Hotel

Do you think we, as your photographers, helped you enjoy your day?

Simon was a god send on our wedding day, not only taking the photographs but ended up with many different roles. Helping with baby, packing the car, helping the bridesmaids. Thats what I remember, I am sure the bridal party would tell you he carried out more duties. He made getting our photos taken enjoyable and fun.

bRide and three bridesmaids wearing lilac dresses under a wooden gazebo

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy it, dont stress about it. They day is about you and your husband coming together as one. Making your family. Nothing else matters. Things will go to plan and others wont, but at the end of the day no one will know the difference. What I am glad we did was go with people who gave us that nice warm feeling. They were all supportive and reliable the whole way through

Bride and groom under the veil looking at each other
Bride standing on a pier looking away towards a lake at the Killyhevlin Hotel

" So I showed him my moves and once headlocked and floored that was him hooked."

Lynne & Stephen