Manor House Hotel

Lakeside hotels don’t come much grander than the 18th century Manor House set on the shores of Lower Lough Erne. The location is incredible for photography opportunities. You feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere but yet it is only 15 minutes to Enniskillen. In Enniskillen, if you choose to get married there it has plenty of churches. We had the privilege of shooting a recent ‘Getting Married in Northern Ireland’ cover shoot recently at the hotel. With no guests in it and plenty of time on our side we were able to discover some new and beautiful locations for photos.
Couples who book the hotel for their wedding adore the mix of styles. 18th century Manor House heritage meets elegant chic hotel interiors.
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The bride & groom enjoy a glass of bubbly as they arrive at the stunning 18th century Manor House Hotel for their wedding reception
Our couple enjoying arriving at the stunning 18th Century entrance to the Manor House

The Hotel & Grounds

Weather awful outside? Fear not, the Manor House comes into its own when dealing with disrespectful weather! There are some many beautiful areas – in both sides of the hotel – that are amazing for photographs. The natural light floods in through opulent windows and decadent roof lights.

Couple enjoying a glass of bubbly as they arrive at the Manor House Hotel
Bride & Groom looking at each other whilst standing in front of a window in the Manor House
In the 18th century part of the House - grand decadent windows with stunning views are a plentiful
Bride looking out at the view

Head upstairs towards the bedrooms and you will be presented with a treasure trove…huge windows flooding gorgeous natural daylight in. Within this area, we are able to capture a series of stunning images in minutes. That ability gives our couples the best of both worlds – amazing photos and more time with their guests.

A bride leaning against a pillar looking out at a window
The treasure trove...
Bride standing downstairs while the groom waits for her at the top of the stairs
Bride looking into a mirror
Back of the dress light beautifully with a back light
One of our images taken at a recent Getting Married in NI magazine shoot - showing off the room layout
The bride and groom enjoy their first dance
The bride and groom enjoy their first dance
Manor House is decorated with lavish mirrors

"Fear not - the Manor House provides plentiful opportunities for photos inside if there is adverse weather :-)"

— Ciaran O'Neill Photography

Gardens & Outdoor Opportunities

A break in the weather will allow you some further opportunities at the House’s exterior. The water fountain is ideal – be aware of the direction of the wind in case you get soaked though lol! There is a wrought iron gazebo in behind the fountain which makes for a good family photo backdrop.

Bride & groom sitting at the edge of a water fountain whilst holding hands
Be careful of the wind in case you get soaked!
Bride & groom looking at each other, standing at the edge of Lower Lough Erne
The lake is accessible within the Hotel grounds - it can be a bit of a hike, however if you get the wedding cars to take down it will speed things up :-)
Bride & groom standing at the side of a lough
Bride & groom standing at the side of a lough

"Old Castle Archdale offers dramatic and stunning backdrops to your wedding photos"

— Ciaran O'Neill Photography

Photo Opportunities Further Afield


Couple looking at the camera as they hug, with Lower Lough Erne in the backdrop

The marina stands out as an ideal stop off for more photo opportunities. Two things to bear in mind if you do decide to avail of it. One – you have to book it separately with the Marina. Two – it is very exposed to the weather so prepare to be frozen lol!

Couple lit by the sunset, standing on a jetty at the Marina, Manor House Hotel

Old Castle Archdale

Bride lying on a stone wall in Old Castle Archdale ruins

Drive 10 minutes (and past the more obvious Castle Archdale park) and you will find the ruins at Old Castle Archdale. A stunning location – it is free to use and provides an iconic backdrop to your photos. Its worth noting, there is a small uphill walk (on a stone path) – we have always encouraged our brides to bring a pair of trainers for ease 🙂 It is totally worth it though when you get there!

Bride & Groom looking at other in front of a pile of logs in Old Castle Archdale
Bride standing on ruins in the Old Castle Archdale