Hello. I am Bobby from Motion Media Productions :-)

First up in our new series of ‘Ask the Wedding Experts’ is Bobby McKeown. Bobby first started his cinematography business in 2007 and named it Motion Media Productions.

Having always had an interest in audio/music/video, Bobby has counted himself very lucky to have made a career out of it and what a career!

He specialises in weddings and considers it a pleasure to be asked along to a couples special day. Having witnessed his style first hand, we would describe it as being very discreet and unobtrusive during a wedding. He will regularly get feedback from couples saying: “Bobby, we hardly even noticed you were there most of the day”.

Well, I can guarantee he is here with us today as he answers our customer related questions. So lets begin!

Easy one to start with here Bobby…what is your approach to filming weddings, and what type of videography style do you specialise in?

I want the couple, along with their family and friends to enjoy the day without feeling they’re constantly being filmed. I pride myself on being discreet and unobtrusive.

My style would be a hybrid between documentary and cinematic. Couples receive their full doc edit and also a short highlights clip.

That leads me nicely into the next question – what is included in your wedding videography packages?

My most popular package includes filming from bridal prep in the morning right up to dancing and everything in-between. I have options to exclude speeches or dancing.

"I pride myself on being discreet and unobtrusive."

— Bobby, Motion Media

We know the price range of the photography market pretty well – but what should a couple expect to pay for a quality wedding video package?

My packages range from £900 to £1300. Their chosen package can be changed and confirmed right up to 2 weeks before the wedding.

That seems very reasonable – considering the effort and quality that goes into the wedding video. Ok, lets go slightly left field…what are your passions outside of weddings?

Cliche – but I love spending time with my wife, family and friends.. holidays together, good food or even just a drive with old school tunes playing! We have a fur-baby Toby who is spoilt rotten.

I enjoy training and trying to stay fit and healthy! Refusing to admit I’m getting older lol.

Haha! I feel your pain on that one! Ok, without giving too much away about your age – how long have you been filming weddings, and how many have you filmed in the past year?

I’ve been shooting weddings for over 20 years!

Last year was very busy.. busier than usual with so many previous weddings rescheduled due to covid. Thankfully 2023 and 2024 continue to be busy and 2025 is coming in too.

Brilliant! Now, we are already know the answer to this one, but for our the sake of readers – are you be the main videographer on the day of a wedding, or will you be working with a team?

Yes, I work by myself on the day.. although I’m thankful to be part of a great professional wedding community and know I can call for help if/when I ever need to.

"I work by myself on the day.. although I’m thankful to be part of a great professional wedding community."

— Bobby, Motion Media Productions

I agree, being part of that wider wedding community is hugely important. Now – trying to keep it ‘current’ -Videography has changed so much in the digital age – how do you stay current in this modern age?

My style hasn’t drastically changed over the years. My clients appreciate the longer style edit. I only get one chance on the day – so I still like to capture as much as I can for them.

In recent years camera gimbals and drones have allowed for shots that were never feasible years ago! I always try to include drone shots with all my videos.

Delivery has also changed.. Currently I supply the final film on USB, but I’m also introducing online delivery, which allows you to share it with friends and family anywhere in the world.

Video from Suzanne & Gareths wedding - shot by Ciaran O'Neill Photography

Can couples request specific shots or moments that they want captured on our wedding day?

Yes.. Although I like to capture the wedding day as it naturally unfolds and don’t like to manipulate or recreate special moments.. I’m also keen to hear what’s important to the couple.. These might include; drone shot of the family home, footage of their children (including fur-babies) or a particular song captured during the ceremony.

I don’t take any offence when couples speak up.. I’d rather know so I can do it for them.

I’m trying hard to not make this question about Ciaran O’Neill Photography – so I’ll attempt to keep it general. How do you work with the photographer and other vendors during the wedding, and how do you ensure that everyone is working together effectively?

I’m happy for the photographer to take lead throughout the day when guiding couples during their photos.. but I’m also there to back them up. To help round up bridal party/family etc. If I spot something happening I’ll always alert the photographer, as I know they often do the same for me. It’s important to work as a team. I’m very lucky to have met so many wedding vendors over the years and now consider them friends. A wedding day is often like a day out working with your mates!

Fantastic answer. I couldn’t agree more, vendor relationships are very important to ourselves as well. Ok, last question before I let you inevitably hit the gym for the 6th time today…have you noticed any changes in the industry over the last 10 years?

NI weddings are often very traditional – which is lovely! and I feel the structure and run of the day is still very similar 10 years on. However, I have noticed that speeches are getting shorter and some opting to exclude them completely.

Humanist ceremonies are much more popular and they’re so personal to the couple. I often hear guests remark on how relaxed and enjoyable the humanist ceremonies are.

In more recent years I’ve be fortunate to capture several same sex marriages. I think it’s great that everyone in NI can now express their life long commitment to their partner through the celebration of marriage with their family and friends. Love is love!

Even better answer! Ok, this is a wee trick I use on my couples – I tell them its the last photo – then as we walk back to their guests I use that opportunity to squeeze another photo in without them realising. Soooo…with that in mind – how did you get into videography?

😂😂 No problem – I was studying sound production and started to help another videographer part time. A few years later I knew it was something I had a passion for and could make it my full time career. I started Motion Media and haven’t looked back. The majority of my work comes from vendor referral or from previous couples recommending me to their friends 😀

"Love is love!"

- Bobby, Motion Media Productions