Our Wedding Journey...

Three times was a charm for our amazing couple, as their third date following the pandemic turned out to be the day they had dreamt off. Robyn & David, both civilm servants and from Dromore and Belfast respectively, were joined by their two kids on the special day. The weather was kind, the food even better and everything combined to make it the wedding of their dreams. Following a change to their honeymoon plans – we caught up with the couple following their Fameymoon (family – honeymoon? Trust us, it’s a thing) in Lanzorote…

How did you first meet and get together?

David and I met in work back in 2008. David worked in the Press Office for the Department of Finance, and I worked in the Private Office. Initially we worked in adjacent offices, but I changed job roles and ended up sitting next to David. We would often talk about our families and especially our love for our grandparents and how much we loved watching Only Fools and Horses! However, it wasn’t until after David left to go to another Department that a romantic relationship began to blossom. We emailed each other a while after David left, regarding something he used to do when he worked there, and after a few exchanges, we arranged to meet up. Even though we both say the other one initiated the first date, I’m still adamant David asked me out for drinks!

Bride looking at herself in the mirror during the bridal prep

Tell us about the proposal – where, when, how?

We got engaged on 21st December 2018. It was a normal Friday night, I finished work and Lilly (my daughter) and I headed up to David’s house in Belfast, as we would usually do, to stay for the weekend. I had been suffering with a bad cold and when I arrived and David prepared a bath for me, and while I was relaxing, David cooked us a lovely meal. After the bath I got into my PJ’s and then David and Lilly came upstairs. David asked me to close my eyes and when I opened them, he was down on one knee with the ring. Of course I said yes and it made it even more special as Lilly was involved in the proposal.
Stunning headshot of our beautiful bride

"Even though we both say the other one initiated the first date, I’m still adamant David asked me out for drinks!"

— Robyn

The Wedding Planning...

Where and how did you choose your dress?

I purchased my dress from Elody Bridal in Newry. I knew a few people who had bought their dresses from this store and I work in Newry, so my Mum and I booked an appointment. My Mum seen my dress in the front window and thought it was beautiful. It was the last dress I tried on and I knew it was the one when I put it on.

Bride & her father having an intimate moment on the morning of the wedding
Groomsmen enjoying a bit of craic prior to the wedding ceremony

How did you find the experience?

I found the experience fantastic, the staff, especially Holly who was also a family friend was so helpful and so lovely. I surprised myself, as all the dresses I had liked were ballroom and I ended up picking a fitted dress which I fell in love with.

Bride & her father in the bridal car
The bride looking out of the car window

What was the best part of planning your big day?

The food tasting, David and I love our food and we were blown away with our tasting at the Titanic it made the build up to the wedding even more exciting knowing our guests would be treated to amazing food.

And the most stressful part?

With us having to postpone our wedding so many times was very stressful ad not knowing if it was going to happen due to Covid. The last time we had to postpone, I fell pregnant with our son Leo, so we decided to put our wedding off for a year hoping all restrictions would be lifted and we could have the wedding we dreamt off with an extra special guest on the day!

Groom nervously waits as his bride walks down the aisle

"We wish we could go back and do it all again it was our dream wedding"

— Robyn & David

The Wedding Day...

How did the day go?

The day was fantastic the weather was amazing, we both were so happy we were able to finally celebrate our day with all our family and friends. I wish I could go back and do it all again it was our dream wedding.

Why did you book us as your photographers?

Really good reviews and after our initial meeting in the studio, we knew there wasn’t any point of going to anyone else. We really liked the guys as people and knew you would do a great job, which you did.

Were there any particular photos you loved (or hated!) getting taken?

The great thing was there wasn’t any point where we didn’t want a particular photograph taken but on the other hand Ciaran was very happy to accommodate ones that we suggested. We both really enjoyed the experience.

Do you think we, as your photographers, helped you enjoy your day?

Absolutely, Ciaran was great and the pictures were amazing. While Simon wasn’t present on the day, he was brilliant and give us an enjoyable experience of picking the final photographs for our album. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Were there any near disasters/funny incidents?

My Father in Law (Davy) and our son Leo had to miss the ceremony, because if Leo had of seen David, he would have cried to get up beside and for him to hold him, which just wasn’t practical. I later found out that was the experience David had right up until he was ready to take his position at the top of the aisle. So thanks to Davy, he kept him calm outside and anytime David spotted him he covered his face or Leo would have erupted!

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

To enjoy every part from the planning to the actual day as it all goes so fast months or in our case years of planning and the day goes very quickly, to try and take it all in.

Bride sitting at the window in Titanic Hotel Belfast

"Enjoy every part from the planning to the actual day as it all goes so fast, months or in our case years of planning and the day goes very quickly, so try and take it all in."

- Robyn & David