Darver Castle Weddings

One of Ireland’s best wedding castle venues Darver Castle is situated on 50 acres of fine parkland and wooded grounds in the rolling countryside of County Louth. A beautiful private estate steeped with history and romance. The Irish Castle has been lovingly restored by the Carville family, who continue to care for it.
On arrival you’ll be greeted by the staff and almost always Mary, one of the owners. Their amazing personal service starts here and lasts throughout your day.
Darver castle’s ceremony room is one of the most beautiful we’ve worked in and is sure to wow your guests.
The extensive gardens are full of photo opportunities – not least my personal favourite, their old stone archway.
Inside is equally as beautiful with every nook and cranny offering endless creative opportunities.
One of the unique features of a Darver Castle Wedding is that it is purely a wedding venue so you’ll have the entire property and estate to yourself.
Less than an hours drive from home for us so we consider Darver Castle to be one of our “local” castle wedding venues.
Continue reading for our lowdown on Darver Castle Weddings…
Bride sitting in the bridal suite looking out the window

The Castle & Grounds

In the 15 years we have been shooting at Darver, they have never sat still and rested on their laurels (and we are not just talking about the plant!). They constantly update their interior design and their gardens to provide their guests with an amazing experience. When the weather is good (and sometimes bad!) we try and use every inch of the gardens – finding new and exciting shots every time we shoot there. It is all within walkable distance – meaning in a short period of time we can have stunning photos taken and have you back drinking bubbly (non-alcoholic options available) with your guests in no time!

Bridal party walking with linked arms at Darver Castle
Bride and bridesmaids laughing outside Darver Castle
Bride and groom in long grass in front of Darver Castle
Bride and groom in wooden archway in B&W Darver Castle
Couple kissing whilst standing on a bridge over a pond at a Darver Castle wedding
bride and groom with vintage style cars outside Darver Castle
The extensive restoration work on the Castle was meticulous and returned the castle to its former glories.
Bride leads groom towards Darver Castle Wedding
Bride pushing through iron gate at Darver Castle

Whilst keeping with the traditions of the castle – the interior is very stylish and current. There are so many different little areas to produce photos – so should your day be rained out entirely there is no need to worry.

Bride in corner lit from behind Darver Castle
Bride and groom in front of window Darver Castle
The cottage in the courtyard can host civil ceremonies and is beautiful for photos
Groom looking out the window
Reflection of bride in mirror
bride and groom in ceremony room with flowers and chandeliers

"One of the unique features of Darver Castle is that it is purely a wedding venue so you’ll have the entire property and estate to yourself."

— Ciaran O'Neill Photography

Civil Ceremonies

The courtyard has hosted many a civil ceremony – these are always intimate and personal. I’m not sure why – but the emotion seems to be heightened at these ceremonies. I’ve been close to tears myself lol! Natural daylight floods through the quaint windows – making it easy for candid photos of the guests and our couples alike. This enables us to blend into the background and capture those special moments without being intrusive.

Bride & Groom kiss after completing their marriage vows in Darver Castle
Bride & Groom kiss after completing their marriage vows in Darver Castle
groom and groomsmen wait outside ceremony room
bride and party walk to ceremony room
groom gets emotional as bride walks up aisle Darver Castle Wedding
Heightened emotions!!
The guests applauding after the wedding service
groom and men arrive at Darver Castle
groom waits at top of aisle Darver Castle
Bride in ceremony room lit from behind

The Corn Field

So often at wedding venues we look for photo locations further afield in search of something different for our clients. With Darver this has never been necessary – the gardens and interior are so varied that we never recommend taking our couples and bridal party anywhere else. However, at a certain time of year (July/August normally) – one such opportunity arises and it doesn’t even have to take you off the beaten track. Not far from the Castle lie a couple of stunning cornfields. We even know the best place to park to capture some stunning images (as below). Just be ready to run in case the farmer catches us!! 🤣

The cornfields outside Darver
The cornfields outside Darver

"The arch at Darver Castle is one our favourite features to photography at."

— Ciaran O'Neill Photography

bride and groom walking at sunset Darver Castle Wedding
Groom holds swing for bride at Darver Castle
groom and men walking and laughing in black and white

Night Time

bride and groom at sunset with Darver Castle

When the sun sets over the Louth horizon, it would be easy to think that no more photo opportunities could arise. But in actual fact, a whole new range of dramatic and contemporary prospects present themselves. Fear not the dark – embrace it! 🙂

Sunsetting behind our bride and groom at Darver Castle
bride and groom under stone arch with sun setting
bride and groom at night under archway Darver Castle
bride and groom kissing at front door Darver Castle wedding Ireland Wedding Photographers Ciaran O'Neill Photography
Christmas time at Darver - Magical!
Bride standing outside Castle in darkness at Christmas time